“Rachael has been a wonderful doula for us! We decided to get a doula late in pregnancy and she squeezed in two prenatal visits before my due date. It was very comforting to have her at the hospital during labor and she was the one who realized that I was pushing before the nurses, she is so knowledgeable! She took pictures for us of the birth that were great and there were lots of little touches that made us feel cared for.

We also used her as a postpartum doula for nighttime care and she was great!”

-Mama of baby Renata, born August 2018

“I’m so glad I chose Rachael Walters to be my doula. This was my second pregnancy and it was important that I find a doula I could connect with. I was determined to have a healthy pregnancy and a VBAC. Rachael took the time to listen with genuine kindness and respect to all of my thoughts, wishes and fears. My first child’s delivery was a pretty awful experience that I never truly grieved or dealt with. Having Rachael really helped me process and validate my first labor experience  ( where I had no doula ) She helped me feel empowered in my experience no matter which way it went. She always had the best resources and suggestions for me & she helped eased a lot of my stress during pregnancy. I became single right around the time we first met. She made it to one of my labor massage classes as my stand in partner and she also came with me to the hospital when I had to get an ECV because baby was breech at 37 weeks. ( luckily my baby flipped on her own that morning!)  When it came time for actual labor, she helped me achieve my goal of a pain medication free labor at home during early labor and assisted me in the hospital during my active labor. In the end, I made the call to have another csection but Rachael was there as my cheerleader to support me in that decision, allowing me to feel empowered not disappointed. After I had my baby, I had her encapsulate my placenta which I feel helped tremendously with healing and postpartum feels. Racheal became a true support person for me during an extremely lonely and vulnerable time. She kept me feeling excited even when I was feeling low and I’m forever grateful. You will not regret hiring Rachael to be your doula!”

-Mama of baby Violet, born January 2019

“My wife and I had our first child in February, and it was an incredible experience. Rachael was a big reason why. We had met with other doulas but had not formed a connection in interviews. However, upon meeting Rachael both my wife and I knew she was the right person to help us through the pregnancy. 

Throughout it she went above and beyond, to the point that I often felt bad that we were going over guidelines of the contract we had. She seemed not to care but to only be focused on the needs of my wife and upcoming child. It was incredible relief to both of us to have someone like her to get us through it. 

At the birth, Rachael was amazing. She worked tirelessly for ten hours straight never leaving our side. The physical and emotional support was amazing! There is literally not enough I can say to emphasize how important she was to us at the birth and the weeks after.

We now have a health baby boy, who loves when Rachael comes and visit him. If Rachael ends up being your doula, you will not be disappointed. She is a tireless advocate and a wonderful person whose knowledge and care will help make your pregnancy special.”

- Papa of baby Rohan, born February 2019

“Rachael is an amazing doula, and one of the kindest and most caring people I’ve met! As first time parents, Rachael was so helpful to talk to during our pregnancy to answer any questions that came up (anytime!), share resources, and help normalize what sometimes felt overwhelming.  During our birth, we were so appreciative of all the support and reassurance Rachael provided in helping us talk through what our medical providers were recommending so that we felt comfortable and confident with all of our decisions.  She was able to help us set up a peaceful and calm environment (which was very important to us), and gave us great suggestions for different positions and techniques we could try when the contractions became more intense. 

I truly believe that having Rachael as our doula helped us to have the positive birth experience we had hoped for.  My husband and I had quite a bit of anxiety and fear about the birth itself before meeting with Rachael, and we were able to work these fears and felt much more empowered going into our birth. Her calm and loving nature was exactly what we needed, and we’ll always be so thankful she was there with us through it all!  I would absolutely recommend Rachael to anyone seeking a doula during their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.”

-Mama of baby Hadley, born March 2018

“Rachael was an amazing doula! I met with Rachel when I was 8 months pregnant and looking for a doula for my 3rd baby (and 2nd VBAC). I knew right away she was the right person to support me through the birth of my baby girl. During my labor Rachel was calming and suportive. She was everything I needed. Both my hubby and I were so happy to have her there to help. She helped me to stay focused when I needed to stay focused and kept me distracted when I needed to be disctracted. She was absolutely amazing in every possible way. I am so beyond happy that we chose her to be a part of our baby girls birth. 

Thank you Rachael!”

- Mama of baby Charlotte, born April 2017

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